Making the Transition from Controller to CFO

An intensive two-day seminar featuring best practices to improve your accounting and finance department and critical must have skills to move from Controller to CFO. Topics include leadership styles, ethics and situational leadership and corporate ethics as a strategic advantage. Learn how to streamline receivables and payables and effective management of working capital and cash flow. Keywords: finance, financial, financing growth, streamlining receivables and payables, CFO job function, strategic planning, ethics.

Who Should Attend?

  • Financial professionals on the fast track to top management including corporate, divisional and plant controllers and their staff, chief accountants, budget directors, internal auditors.

Course Outline

  1. CFO Job Function and Overview
  2. Finance as a Strategic Business Partner
    • Understanding the Strategic Planning Process
    • How to Write a Business Plan that Prompts “Buy-in”
  3. Financing Growth: Strategies for Raising Capital
    • Understanding the Investment Banking Process and Alternatives
    • Evaluating Your Firm’s Value Drivers
    • Overview of Financing Alternatives
    • Debt Financing
    • Equity Funding
    • Resources – Where to Obtain Funding
  4. Managing Working Capital
    • Accounts Receivable and Collections Best Practices
    • Accounts Payable Best Practices
    • Cash and Liquidity Management Best Practices
  5. Expense Management Best Practices for the Finance and Accounting Department
    • Understanding Outsourcing
    • Rightsizing the Finance and Accounting Department
  6. Accelerated Closing Techniques: Two Day Closings
    • Estimates and Simplified Allocations
    • Soft Monthly Closing Cycle Process
    • Centralized Account Maintenance
    • High Materiality Level for AJEs
  7. Understanding the New Emphasis on Corporate Accountability
    • Overview of Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Sections I through XI
    • What’s Expected from the CFO by the: (1) CEO; (2) Board of Directors and (3) Audit Committee
    • Corporate Officer’s Required Code of Conduct
    • Why Great Corporate Ethics Are a Strategic Advantage
  8. Financial and Non Financial Benchmarks That Drive Profits
    • Measuring Financial Performance
    • Measuring Non-financial Performance
    • Understanding Customer Relationship
  9. CFO Leadership Skills and Styles
    • Keys to Leadership
    • Situational Leadership
    • Evaluating the Controller — Is There a Lack of Organizational Impact?
    • How to “Brand” Yourself and Maximize Your Value
    • How to Develop Talent in Your Department from the Bottom Up
    • How to Get that Open CFO Job

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